Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School

I'm a little sad that summer is over, but we've had a fun eight weeks at various camps, traveling, spending time with family and lots of swimming. The kids woke up, got dressed on their own and were entirely cooperative this morning (even for teeth brushing) which tells me they're ready to go back.
I'm always a little worried about the teacher / student dynamic for Stinky. He's exceptionally bright, but very immature and playful. Not always the best combination in a classroom setting. After a disastrous Kindergarten year and a lukewarm 1st grade year, 2nd Grade went really well. He had a teacher who understood his personality and kept him challenged. We're encouraged by that and hope that 3rd grade goes equally well. (And that he matures a little.)
With Blinky, I want her to remain independent and confident, but not be so strong-willed and stubborn. We're not asking for much right? Her 2nd grade teacher is Stinky's teacher from last year, so we're expecting great things. What a blessing.
Oh man, I'm tearing up a little as I type this. There are way too many thoughts and sentiments to adequately express in a blog post so I'll end with this one. I pray my babies have a great year filled with fun-learning, God-fearing friends and lots of laughter.

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