Friday, September 23, 2016

Updates and Quote of the Week

So I've been missing in blogland for a bit. It seems like every time I fall asleep and wake up, its the start of a new week. Lets see, what have you missed?

The four of us celebrated my birthday at Alabama Splash Adventure Labor Day Weekend. It was super fun! We typically celebrate at Shipwreck Island in Panama City Beach but bad weather forced us north. Both parks are nice so its hard to pick a favorite, but I will say that ASA has more "thrill" rides that the four of us can enjoy together.

Hands down, my favorite ride was upsurge. I am somewhat claustrophobic but the enclosed slide really wasn't that bad. Falling with such force that we could almost touch the top of the ramp was freaky scary. Needless so say Stinky and Blinky LOVED it!
My other favorite was Neptune's Plunge. Again with the enclosed slide but I had to try it. The dark fall made Blinky cry all the way down but she was brave enough to try again and the experience was much better once she knew what to expect. The DH lost his glasses in the drop but found them a few hours later when lifeguards did a sweep of the pool. Thankfully they didn't seem any worse for wear.
We never did make it to the dry side of the park with its roller coaster and other attractions but the kids didn't seem to mind. When the park re-opens next season, we will visit again and fit that into our schedule.
On my actual birthday, we received word that our former minister passed away. He'd been battling cancer, which apparently spread everywhere in spite of treatment. For a week after, I tried to prepare the kids for the news by reminding them where Christians go when they die. When we finally did tell them the day of the funeral (we opted not to take them), they took it as well as kids could I guess. I suppose I prepared them rather well as most of their questions were about my all black attire.
On to happier news, the kids both made all A's on their progress reports. This is as much for the DH and me as it is for them. Its very rewarding as a parent seeing those loooooong nights of homework and fighting pay off.
Our very good friends are moving back to India next month. We're trying to squeeze in as many play dates as we can. Stinky is not taking it very well. He's not as social as Blinky and his little buddy is not just his best friend but probably his only friend. It's very difficult watching many of our dear friends move away. Two houses on our street are for sale. We're praying for nice families with kids Stinky and Blinky's age to move in.
Speaking of Stinky, he's been having a rough few weeks. He had to see the Vice-Principal yesterday for wasting water and shooting toilet paper balls in the bathroom. When she asked why he did this, he said, "You have to wet the tissue to make it fly further."
On that note, I wish you all a happy weekend!

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