Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Art

Today I have a little paint project to share with you. We've had a Kirkland's charger with three vases atop, just like the one below, in our home office for years.


Well a few months ago, a stray toy knocked two of the vases over, chipping one and destroying the other. The arrangement didn't look quite right with just two vases (which are not waterproof so using them as actual vases was out of the question) so I tossed those and decided to paint a nativity scene on the charger.

First I found an image that I liked, as well as one that was easy to cut out, on Google. Then I trimmed the edges and taped it onto the charger.

Next I painted the negative space white for a nice contrast and for durability, sprayed on a think coat of protectant. Here is the finished piece:

Tip: If this is something you'd like to try, I recommend lightly sanding the charger. I didn't have any issues with the paint adhering to the charger but I did notice that removing the tape striped a finish that I didn't realize was there. Luckily, the high gloss protectant took care of that.
Just for fun, here's a little workup I did using Pic Collage. You can really see the difference the protectant made.
And here's how it looks in my entryway:

Hope you enjoy the holiday season however you celebrate, surrounded with lots of love.

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