Friday, February 10, 2017

Bonnie Plant's 3rd Grade Cabbage Program

Each spring, every 3rd grader in Alabama (and other states that choose to participate) receives a cabbage sapling from Bonnie Plants that they are encouraged to plant and nurture for 12 weeks. There are several goals of this program, including:
  • developing an interest in agriculture
  • teaching the basics of gardening and the importance of food systems
  • awarding a $1,000 scholarship to the student in each participating state who grows the largest cabbage
Stinky received his a few weeks ago and kept it in a sunny spot in the kitchen until the weather was mild enough to put it in the ground. Cabbie, as it has affectionately been named, has its own raised bed full of rich, compost to help it along.

Still needed are fertilizer granules (cabbage is a heavy feeder) and BT to control cabbage looper populations.
Finally a school project that I can use as the basis to remind Stinky daily of the benefits of having a Master Gardener mom. Even though I am inactive, and have never grown cabbage before.
Stay tuned as Stinky and I will post updates on Cabbie and hopefully meet all three goals!

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