Monday, March 6, 2017

Cabbie Jr.

Cabbie had a little trouble early on when we forgot to protect him from a frost. Truth be told Cabbie froze to death and was replaced (unknown to Stinky) with Cabbie Jr. Since then, we've been more vigilant about checking nighttime lows and came up with this solution:

Blinky did ask about Cabbie looking so green and healthy after the frost bite that left him wilted and yellowing. Luckily for me, Stinky's squeals of delight redirected his attention.

So what was she squealing about? Since we had to buy a pack of cabbage seedlings, the four of us now have one. Sharing a box with Cabbie is his girlfriend, Hermoine Granger and some spinach cousins. The DH and I have ours planted in this year's compost pile. I was curious about which set would grow the largest, the current compost pile which has not yet broken down or last year's compost pile that Cabbie is in now which had tomatoes and peppers last season.


Blinky isn't the best at checking on Cabbie without being told to do so, but he is enjoying seeing progress like new leaves. He also likes talking to Cabbie after we told him plants respond well to that. Don't believe me, read this.

The next 10 weeks should be fun! As long as we don't have any more cold snaps!!

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