Monday, March 20, 2017


Although we celebrated Stinky's birthday last weekend, today is his actual birth day. I've been asking myself, how is it possible that I have a nine year-old??? The adage the days are long but the years are short certainly rings true for me.

Stinky is my first born and nothing short of a handful. Some days are an emotional roller coaster while others are filled with awe and wonder. Stinky can outsmart us, argue better than any lawyer (real or on tv), find the wonder in simple things and is constantly holding the DH and me to the highest level of parenting. I'm sure most days we fail miserably, but not for lack of trying.

So my darling, if ever you read this blog, here's your nine year old self in a nutshell:

Stinky is...
exacting but fair
imaginative and creative
sensitive yet resilient
dallying but incredibly intelligent
occasionally selfish yet very loving
superbly complex yet thoroughly insightful
shy though mischievous
walks to the beat of his own drum

My son is so much more than I ever dreamed he could be. I hope I am the mother he deserves and needs. Happy Birthday to my very sweet boy!

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